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Electric Two Wheeler In India

Buying an Electric Scooter can be a smart move!

The reason behind this is pretty simple. Electric vehicles are slowly becoming the need of the hour primarily because the rising prices of petrol and diesel in India are literally forcing consumers to look for mobility options that can run on an energy that’s cheaper than conventional options.

Another plus point associated with electric vehicles is that they don’t create any harmful emission in the atmosphere at all, and they also make very little noise in comparison to vehicles running on diesel or petrol. So it can be a pretty smart move on your part if you are thinking of buying an electric scooter for addressing your local transportation needs.

Price range of Electric Scooters available in the Indian market today…
Today there are a wide range of electric scooters available in India, and their price range varies from Rs. 25 thousand to Rs. 164 thousand depending on the features offered in various models. There are a number of brands available in the market today, which offer a wide range of choices to the Indian customers. However, it is important to keep in mind that the best options to pick in this regard would be the electric scooters that are fitted with the best batteries.

Types of batteries used in Electric Scooters…
Currently, there are two types of batteries used in all the electric scoters being sold in the Indian market today.
1. Lead Acid Batteries, which normally last for approximately 350 charging rotations.
2. Lithium Ion Batteries, which easily last for approximately 1000 charging rotations.

Looking at the difference in charging rotations between the two batteries, it is quite understandable that most electric vehicles use Lithium Ion batteries. These batteries not only last thrice as longer than Lead Acid batteries, but are also dry and don’t require any maintenance along the way.

Maintenance costs associated with Electric Scooters…
Maintenance cost of electric scooters in India is also well within reasonable limits, and it would never blow a hole in your pocket the way it does with a conventional diesel or patrol engine. Although the battery price may seem a little on the higher side, but picking a good lithium ion battery will give you at least 3 years of smooth operations without any hitch.

The other problem that you might face is setting up a charging point for your scooter especially if you only have a public parking area at your disposal to park the electric scooter. However, these issues are not very serious, and you would be able to handle them with few extra arrangements in your parking space.

Insurance Costs associated with Electric Scooters…
The insurance costs associated with Electric scooters are quite similar to that of conventional ones. These costs would vary based on the model, the year of purchase, and the kilowatt power produced by the vehicle. And then there are first party and third party insurance plans whose cost could vary anywhere from Rs. 400 to Rs. 11000 depending primarily on what insurance plan you want to pick.

Registration and License requirements for Electric scooters…
There are pretty clear guidelines set for electric scooters that clearly demarcate between categories that need registration and license, and those who don’t. For all electric scooters that run on a motor rating of 250 Watts or less with a top speed not exceeding 25 kilometers per hour, no license or registration is needed in India. For electric scooters that run on a motor rating of 250 W and more with top speeds reaching more than 25 kilometers per hour, license and registration will be needed.