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Role of batteries used in Electric Vehicles…

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are fast becoming a preferred mode of transport for people not just in cities but also in villages across India. One of prime cause that is contributing to the rising popularity of electric vehicles in India is their overall running cost, which seems quite affordable in comparison to the petrol and diesel variants available in the market. Another cause that is contributing to the popularity of electric vehicles is their eco-friendly operation, which has become a major factor in light of rising pollution levels.

However, the ongoing market success of electric vehicles can also be attributed to the types of batteries that are being used nowadays. Earlier when dry batteries had not been introduced, managing the batteries was a big headache for vehicle owners. However, after the introduction of dry batteries like Lithium Ion batteries in the Indian market, the scenario has completely changed with regards to people’s perception about battery driven vehicles. The benefit of having Lithium-ion batteries is that they are definitely a lot safer and long-lasting, which allows electric vehicles to perform more smoothly during operations.

That is why it is important for buyers of electric vehicles to always look at the kind of batteries that are fitted in the vehicle, and make sure that the spare parts being used in the vehicle are of genuine quality. This will ensure that buyers of electric vehicles will not be required to invest a lot of money and effort on the maintenance of their electric vehicles.

Benefits associated with Lithium-ion batteries

There is no doubt that Lithium-ion batteries bring forth a number of benefits for its users, and that is precisely the reason why these batteries are the choice of most electric vehicles being manufactured in the market.

Low-maintenance operations: One of the best things about lithium ion batteries is that they do not require water to run unlike the lead acid batteries that were available earlier. This is definitely a contributing factor that cuts down the maintenance cost of electric vehicles by a great deal.

Fast & easy charging: Another great feature of lithium-ion batteries is that they don’t require a lot of time to charge, and can be charged anywhere with a power switch. The fast charging quality of lithium ion batteries allows for a shorter turnaround time, and the vehicle can be taken back on the road without wasting any time.

Longer battery life: One of the most significant advantages of lithium-ion batteries is that they can last for a very long time. Even if you use them every day, these batteries can easily last for 3 years in your vehicle.

Safe to use: Another great feature associated with lithium-ion batteries is that they can work perfectly even in high temperatures. This means that even if the vehicle gets extremely hot, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Looking at all the features of lithium-ion batteries, it can be safely assumed that these batteries are going to be the batteries that run the electric vehicles of tomorrow. So, always keep in mind that companies that are using lithium-ion batteries in their vehicles are definitely the ones you should think of buying your next electric vehicle from.