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Electric Two Wheeler In India

There is a big surge in demand for E-vehicles in India!

In the past 4 to 5 years, there has been a significant increase in demand for E-vehicles in India. With rising number of brands offering e-vehicles in India with competitive features and pricing, the Indian consumers are also benefitting from the wide range of choices that is being offered in the market today. This is definitely great news for Indian market, because the rising prices of petrol and diesel have really pushed the market to explore alternative options that are not only environment friendly but sustainable as well in terms of price.

Indian consumers are also willingly switching to e-vehicles now, because they are beginning to understand the benefits of switching to electric vehicles because of their ability to provide sustainable mobility to its users. This is further augmented by the rising levels of electric generation in India and the availability of dry batteries, which has made it possible for Indians to use electricity to power their vehicles with ease and affordability.

Primary reasons for rise in demand of Electric Vehicles in India…
The fact of the matter is that automotive industry around the globe is going through a big transformation at present. With the global demand for environment friendly vehicles rising all the time, Indian market is also looking at switching to electric vehicles to address factors that hold great importance in the Indian context.

These factors are…
1. Increasing burden of oil imports
2. Fight against climate change
3. Rising pollution due to petrol & diesel vehicles
4. Effective cost of electric vehicles

Main benefits of switching to Electric Vehicles…
1. Cheaper cost of Operations: The plus point with electric vehicles is that they have lesser moving parts in comparison to petrol and diesel driven vehicles. That’s why; it is no wonder that the servicing cost of electric vehicles is also way cheaper than petrol and diesel vehicles.

2. An Environment-Friendly mode of transport at your disposal: By switching to an electric vehicle, everybody in India can contribute towards building a transportation system that doesn’t damage the environment. Since all electric vehicles are run on batteries, there is a minimal to almost negligent discharge of any harmful toxins that could affect the quality of air around.

Future of Electric Vehicles in India…
Looking at the way things are moving in the country and the range of electric vehicles being introduced in the market today, the future for electric vehicles looks quite promising in India. It is a revolution that is happening more rapidly in the two wheelers segment than four-wheelers, primarily because the impact of rising petrol and diesel prices is being felt more significantly by consumers of the two-wheeler segment. The impact of electrification of vehicles can also be witnessed in the battery driven rickshaws that we come across at Metro Stations, Bus Stations and all across small cities and rural areas as well, which is a clear indication of the things we can expect to see in the future in this country.

With the entry of big automobile players in the electric segment, there seems a clear indication that Indians are already looking at electric vehicles as a good viable option to replace the conventional petrol and diesel fuels, which are becoming more expensive by the day. And the nation as a whole is moving towards electric vehicles, which seems the most viable mobility model that could sustain our requirements going in the future. So it is no wonder that it is a good time for any electric vehicle manufacturer who is thinking of setting up a manufacturing facility in India.

Demand for Electric Vehicles is expected to go through the roof by 2030…
A look at the future projections for sales of electric vehicles in India gives a pretty clear indication of the things to come in the future. Currently, electric vehicles market in India is reported to be growing at a staggering rate of 90% per year, and is expected to touch 150 billion dollars by 2030. With such a huge explosion of electric vehicles, India is expected to cut nearly 1 billion metric tons of CO2 discharge by 2030.